J T Seals Construction Porches and Decks.

Add value and spend time with family and friends. Decks and porches, if built professionally, can add value to your home and boost family time meetings. Adding a fire pit for those chilly nights creates a cozy feel and the right atmosphere for anything.

The team at J T Seals Construction can create the outside living space you have always wanted. We are dedicated to expanding your fun and relaxation outside. We can create modern designs for your deck or porch or bring back the warm traditional look and feel of the outside oasis.

Some hints from us when building your deck/patio: 

Make sure your patio furniture has room – usually around 4 feet all the way around your outside table. This will make your new deck or patio installation a pleasing experience.

If you like to grill out on your deck/patio leave room for:

  • A prep station.
  • Grill
  • Serving area

Contact us today to get started planning your outside patio or deck project today. 

“If you are like most folks, your patio is an important part of your home, especially during the warmer months of the year. Why should you not put the same amount of effort into your patio decor as you do the rest of your house”?


New porch installed
Porched installed in Kingsport